Ziad Yousef


86kgs KG


76kgs KG


12 Weeks


United States
Testimonial: In August of 2013 I set a goal for myself to really cut down and get in shape. I had no idea where to start but I did know that getting in shape it is not only about working out”. In order to be successful in this cut I knew that I needed to learn how to eat. I came across Josef Rakich fitness when I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw that he really understood how nutrition works. There was this one post where he was about to eat some McDonalds food and the caption was “”If it fits in your macros you eat that shit!!!”” Finally there was someone who clearly demonstrates how food is food no matter what. This really made sense to me and it was a crucial part of my fitness journey. Of course during my cut I was not eating McDonald’s the whole time but I did learn that I should not be afraid of food and that I can use it to my advantage. Josef’s program had everything I needed to change my lifestyle and I am very satisfied with my results.””

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